a modern study

Remember last week when I shared the gorgeous selection of colorful sofas, settees and chairs from Anthropologie??  Well, here is proof that you shouldn’t be afraid of color.  In this modern take of a traditional study, a red linen tufted settee replaces a more conventional leather sofa, juxtaposed by angular modern leather armchairs.  Throw in a rich wool rug, velvet and linen pillows and graphic photography to hang over a fireplace and you will never want to leave.  Oh and did you notice the use of both nickel and brass…who says you can’t mix metals?

a modern study

a modern study  – follow the link for shopping details.


Up next – this beauty in a casual living space.

Holloway Sofa

5 for Friday

April 10, 2015


It's Friday I'm in Love

Spring is the perfect time for a bedding refresh.  I’m in love with all of Biscuit Home’s playful patterns.

My favorite part of the morning is walking our pup and getting to smell these blooming beauties.

The perfect white tee, I should have bought three.

Discovered this designer’s portfolio this week and went on a pinning spree!

Is it five o’clock yet?  I will gladly have a glass of this delightful drink.


Happy weekend!

I’ll take one in each color, please.

April 6, 2015

When looking to make a large purchase or investment piece, such as a sofa, we are often told to stick to safe neutral colors.  But where’s the fun in that???  Why not make a statement with your sofa by selecting a gorgeous hue and let it dictate the rest of your design.  I am betting it will make decorating the remainder of the room much easier.

If you’re on the market for a new sofa, settee or chair and willing to go beyond boring beige, you MUST checkout Anthropologie’s new collections!  Available in both leather and linen, these beauties are available in a range of colors – from barely there sea foam green to saturated indigo blue, from brilliant plum to precious cornflower, there is a color for every taste.

I’ll be posting examples in the next few days of how these colorful statement pieces can be reworked for a variety of different styles.  Stay tuned!


Anthropologie furniture collection, color sofa, pastel

My favorite pastel picks.

colorful sofas

Jewel toned beauties.

tufted chair, velvet chair, green leather chair

Pull up a chair.

Which color is your favorite?

Learning my A B C’s

April 1, 2015

Last night was my first class in a three week course on calligraphy.  In my attempt to live up to my goal of taking time to pursue those things that bring me joy, I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn a new skill I have always admired, meet new people and take time for myself.

calligraphy workshop seattle

practice, practice, practice

Let’s say I have a lot of practicing to do, and the competitive side of me couldn’t help but notice the immense talent in the room, but everyone was wonderful and supportive and we had a great two hours of literally writing our ABC’s.

If you’re looking for me over the next week, I’ll be here at my dining room table, pen in my hand, practicing the subtle art of the up stroke and down stroke.

Happy Wednesday!


Getting Hitched.

March 26, 2015

Yep, you heard that right.  I am getting hitched!

1. Gratuitous ring shot. 2. We're really excited! 3. The engagement spot.

1. Gratuitous ring shot.
2. We’re really excited!
3. The engagement spot.

The fiancé and I are deliriously happy and excited to not only throw a blow out party and get married, but of course to share our lives together.  After 3 months of engagement bliss, I’ve realized that in order to make our wedding wishes come true, it’s already time to start flexing my party planning muscles.  Now don’t be mistaken, I have been dreaming and scheming for my wedding for years, well before I met my groom.   And while my vision has changed over the years, there is one priority that has always remained, making it personal, a reflection of us as a couple.  Wait make that two priorities – there will be dancing, LOTS of dancing.

2015 is shaping up to be a great year, one that I want to cherish and remember.   Hopefully this blog will help be do that.




First Impressions

June 30, 2014

This is the first in a series of posts I’m calling Design Equations, outlining several essential elements and styling tips for various rooms in your home and providing various options for each element, creating cohesive looks you can use as inspiration.

FIrst up, the entryway.  You might initially overlook this small space when designing or decorating your home, but think of how important first impressions are and the opportunity you have to make a statement, make your guests feel welcome and put that space to use.

So what key pieces do you need?

1. A statement piece of art or a great dramatic mirror works as a great focal point.

2. A great console is key.  It grounds the space and serves as the perfect spot to style a vignette.

3. Pick lighting that will highlight the objects in the space and lead the eye to where you want them to land.

4. Accessories are your chance to show your personality, your interests, your style.  Go wild, tastefully of course.

Design Equation - Entryway
And voila!  That is how you make a great first impression.

A birthday post

June 18, 2014

June 18th is my special day.

Birthdays in your early 30’s aren’t quite the same as they used to be.  But they are always a reminder of how thankful I am for the people in my life, for my health, and for the promise of tomorrow.

Here are a few things I’m lovin on my special day.


These things – Things 6/18

1. Damsel’s killer look.  I must have that top.
2. Balloon Art. Beyond Cool.
3. Ferns. They are the next air plant, trust me.


These places –

Places 6/18

4. Westward – Can’t wait to sip a cold one in the Adirondack chairs.
5. The London Plane – I’ve gawked at this one too many times, time to make a girlfriend brunch date.


These words –

Embody Your Intentions

Summer Showers

June 13, 2014

No, I’m not talking about the weather in Seattle, I’m talking about the myriad of celebrations that are set to commence this summer.  My weekends are filled with Brides and Babies!  One of the first soirees is a baby shower for my bestie that I am hosting in just a couple weeks.  The Mom and Dad-to-be are not finding out the gender of the baby (which I think is so cool!) which led me to try and find a more sophisticated neutral palette for the party.  Remembering the Mom’s love for (1) Kate Spade and (2) balloons and my theme was set.  Well, I guess I wouldn’t really call it a theme, just inspiration.  I pulled together the Board below and have been referencing it often as I gather supplies and decorations.  Cannot wait to toast the Mom-to-be!

Kate Spade Inspired Shower

All pictures can be found here 


Backyard Summer Essentials

June 6, 2014

Happy Friday All!

One of the best perks of living in the Pacific Northwest is the long hours of daylight we experience in the summer.  Long days and mild temps are the perfect conditions for sitting on the back deck and catching up with friends.  A couple of weekends ago we had several folks over to break-in our new fire pit and I sincerely hope it becomes a weekly occurrence.

For today’s Five for Friday I choose 5 essentials to turn your own backyard into the perfect summer escape.  Nothing fancy, but just enough to create the perfect laid back ambiance.

Backyard Summer Essentials


1. Even though it’s summer, there can still be a chill in the air.  Layer up with these lovely throws.

2. Festival lights create the perfect glow.

3. A fire pit is a must.  Nothing like gazing into a fire.

4. And if gazing isn’t your thing, well there is always smores.

5. You don’t want anything too distracting or blaring, but believe me music is a must.